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When police parking shifts to Bergen Street, the sidewalks get blocked

Updated and corrected: The loss of parking on Sixth Avenue between Dean and Pacific streets, and in the adjacent lot that is to become the satellite uplink parking lot, along with the general desire for police at the 78th precinct to park their vehicles near the stationhouse at Bergen Street and Sixth Avenue, has led to to the situation pictured below

Police vehicles are now parked on the sidewalk on Bergen Street directly in front of the south entrances to the Dean Street playground.

This is one block south and (about) a third of a long block east of the arena site.

As the pictures, contributed by a community member, show, those with carriages and walkers face hazardous situations. Even before the arena construction began, police used sidewalks along Sixth Avenue to park their vehicles.

Now the ecosystem is ever more delicate. It's another argument for taking seriously the proposed Barclays Center Neighborhood Protection Plan, which asks policymakers to look at the examples of sports facilities in residential neighborhoods, notably Wrigley Field in Chicago, as models.

Along Bergen Street