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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: Vanderbilt Yard work steps up; stormwater detention system at parking lot said to have begun

The latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 6/18/12 (and embedded below) and released yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner. Notable is increased work in the Vanderbilt Yard and associated Carlton Avenue Bridge, aimed to get the bridge reconstructed before the arena opens September 28.

Also note delays in Atlantic Avenue median work, progress in Flatbush Avenue sidewalk work, and the installation of bollards and tree pits along Atlantic Avenue.

Note that the alert indicates that, at the planned surface parking lot on the southeast block, "[i]nstallation of the stormwater detention system began and will continue during this reporting period," a process short-circuited by a stop-work order issued June 15, as reported by Atlantic Yards Watch.

Points of confusion

The report also contains several paragraphs that are repeated verbatim from the previous alert, which projected work to be done in the ensuing two weeks. It's unclear whether the repeat is merely sloppy editing, or an indication that planned work was put off.

Examples include the testing of stormwater retention tanks and the expectation of a permit for the broadcast lot.

Below, I've bolded changes from the previous alert.

Facade installation
• Replacement glass panels will be installed throughout this reporting period at all elevations.
Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing
• Temporary electric power will remain in place to supplement finish trades power needs for a projected two more weeks.
Interior build-out
• The placement of slab on grade (SOG) concrete will be completed within the arena site at the event level, Area “C” (southeast quadrant) during this reporting period. This work was not completed during this last reporting period due to the repair to the equalizer line and to prevent covering the line should testing reveal a deficiency that would require repair in an area covered by concrete. There is one projected SOG placement that remains.
Transit Canopy
• Roofing work is substantially complete and minor work remains.
• Tile work is underway. The steel stair nosings and stair tile work at the main entrance stair has commenced and is being coordinated with the installation of the canopy ceiling and lighting work.
Carlton Ave. Bridge
• The footing and the stem wall for the North Abutment have been substantially completed. Work has begun on the pedestals and back wall.
• Work on Pier 1 continues. Forming and pouring of the last section of the upper stem wall will take place utilizing concrete trucks and pump placed within the existing MPT on Atlantic Avenue.
• Upon completion of the yard cutover and the move of trains to the new north yard, work will begin on Pier 3 with track removal and excavation for the footing.
• Soil that is scheduled to be removed as part of CAB installation will be tested for characterization purposes during this reporting period. Multiple test pits will be completed in order to collect samples of this soil.
Yard Cutover
• The cutover to the north yard was completed during the weekend of June 15-17th. LIRR operations have been switched to the north yard.
Yard Post-Cutover
• Once the LIRR begins operations in the north yard, contractor forces will finish various portions of the yard work that were not fully completed prior to the cutover. These include “Punchlist” items like the final coat of paving, installation of a few remaining lighting poles and fixtures and some other non-critical items. This will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.
• Certain other items of work that can only happen after the trains are moved to the north yard will also occur. These include removal of the piles that previously supported the Trestle bridge, and excavation and removal of midblock SOE to allow installation of the fourth storage track in BL 1120. Much of this work will take place in the evenings during the week, and on the two weekends immediately following the cutover.
• Work on the Carlton Avenue Bridge components that are located in the “old” south yard (e.g.: Pier 3) will become the main focus of attention in order to achieve the required Carlton Avenue Bridge completion and opening dates.
Backfill Storage
• Excess soil required for backfilling that had been stockpiled in the lay down area adjacent to Pacific St. in block 1129 has been removed off site.
Traffic Mitigation Site Work/Atlantic Avenue Medians
Work was expected to begin in late April 2012 on the remaining traffic mitigation work but was postponed due to delays in the City water main work east of Carlton Avenue. The city’s work is expected to be complete by early June. Work on the medians, therefore, has been scheduled to start during this two week period. Most of the traffic mitigation site work is made up of raised medians along Atlantic Avenue from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue. OCMC reviewed the scope and location of the medians and determined the work shall be performed during daytime hours but that certain traffic signal and street light conduit work may occur during the nighttime hours. OCMC approved an MPT plan which takes lanes out of service during the work period. The arena block, Carlton Avenue Bridge reconstruction and DDC utility work between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues will also take lanes out of service. Therefore, the median work must be scheduled block by block to coordinate with the other work schedules and MPT configurations. The first medians will be
constructed on the block east of 6th Avenue between 6th Avenue/South Portland and Cumberland Avenue.
• Other miscellaneous traffic mitigation work
Other miscellaneous traffic work includes installation of new or relocated street light and traffic signal poles around the arena block and elsewhere in the zone affected by the arena. During this two week period the contractor will be trenching for conduits in 6th Avenue.
Arena site work
• The curb installation work and street light installation work is now substantially complete on Flatbush Avenue. Sidewalk along Flatbush has been completed up to Transit emergency exit and is now progressing north up Flatbush Avenue towards the TA entrance.
• Bollard and curb installation work along 6th Avenue and Dean Street has commenced and is substantially completed. Excavation and grading of the B3 plaza is in progress.
• Bollard installation work, tree pit sheeting installation, sidewalk roadway removals along Atlantic Avenue will commence from 6th Avenue towards Flatbush Avenue.
Broadcast Lot – Block 1128
• The vacant lot at the northeast corner of Dean Street and 6th Avenue that is currently being used as temporary NYPD parking will be improved for use as an at grade broadcast location for the Arena. The improvements include permeable asphalt paving, fencing with a decorative screen, lights which will be focused on the interior of the lot and pedestals for power and data connections.
• The DOB approved a Type 2 application. The permit will be issued within the two week period. The general contractor will mobilize at the site, erect perimeter protection immediately upon receipt of the permit during this two week period. The work is scheduled to be complete this fall.
• All of the soil on the site has been sampled and tested and is classified as “historic fill”, which is a low-level contamination unsuitable for use in other sites but not needing special considerations for handling. Removal of excess fill material will likely commence during this reporting period.
Dean Street Playground Comfort Station
• The contractor has mobilized. During this reporting period, the contractor will begin site clearing and excavation for foundations. The work is scheduled to be complete this fall.
Maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT)
The upper panels of the 16’ fence along Flatbush Avenue will start to be dismantled during this reporting period.

AY Construction Alert 6-18-2012