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Video: In April, Community Boards were told alcohol service would end by beginning of fourth quarter of NBA games and before end of events. No exception for VIP seats was mentioned.

So, what exactly were Community Boards 2 and 6 told about the cut-off time for alcohol service at the Barclays Center arena? There were not told a belatedly-released detail: that, for a segment of high-rollers, some 1800 people (as clarified at a State Liquor Authority hearing this morning), service could go one hour after all events.

Now 1800 people is about 10% of the arena capacity for basketball, a little less than the capacity for concerts, so it may seem like a relatively small number--especially compared to figures reported in the press, like 5,400. But that also could be seen as the capacity of a dozen reasonably-sized bars.

At a joint meeting of the Community Boards, 4/10/12, Robert Skene, an attorney for Levy Premium Foodservice, co-applicant with Brooklyn Events Center (an affiliate of Forest City Ratner), presented the plan, in a bureaucratic but clear enough voice.

"The client intends to follow the NBA policy, which is no service at the beginning of the fourth quarter. So the end of the third quarter will be the cutoff time," Skene said. "For concerts and other family-oriented events, there will be a cutoff time before the end of the event, but that particular time is going to be deemed appropriate for each event."