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Details from Barclays Center liquor license application: no info about after-hours service, but list of bars, entrances detailed, Jay-Z's role

As the first of two State Liquor Authority public hearings on the Barclays Center liquor license approaches at 11 am today, the license application from Levy Restaurants reveals some new details about the plans, and those behind them.

However, it does not shed any light on the revelation that alcohol service in "premium, limited access areas of the Arena such as the suites, clubs and the restaurant," alcohol service would continue for an hour after events, no later than 2 am--a detail not disclosed to Community Boards 2 and 6 as they considered, and ultimately supported, the license.

Hence the request by local elected officials for further review. (I don't know if the Community Boards have responded yet--the CB 6 executive committee met last night--but expect discussion of the issue today.)

It's unclear how many people could potentially use that after-hours service. The New York Post said those 1,000 people in the suites and 4,400 in premium suites. The Nets media guide identifies "four bars/lounges, three clubs, and a restaurant." (Update: the number is 1,800.)

Some of those are stand-up only Beyond the suites, the application identifies only two places with patron seating, for a total of 534 seats:

Where the entrances are

Note that, despite apparent room for an entrance on Sixth Avenue near Pacific Street, none is indicated.

The map was created to show that no churches or other institutions were within a 200-foot radius. The unmarked black rectangles just southeast of the arena are a police station and firehouse.

List of bars

The application includes a list of stand up bars by arena level:

This page begins with Level 4 (omitted from the scan):
Who's in charge?

The next pages indicate the makeup of the partners in the arena, including Nets Spo5ts and Entertainment (55%) and Mikhail Prokhorov's Onexim Sports and Entertainment.

Note that Brooklyn Events Center, which is run by three Forest City Ratner executives and Brett Yormark, CEO of the Nets and Barclays Center, has a sole member, Brooklyn Arena Holding Company, run by five Forest City executives.

Jay-Z's role

In turn, the latter has a sole member, Brooklyn Arena LLC, which has the same five Forest City officers, as well as six directors, including three from Forest City, two from Onexim (Pavlova and Charlier), one associated with Onexim (Carlock), and, yes, Jay-Z, aka Shawn Carter.

In other words, despite his fractional ownership in the team, Carter has a potentially more prominent official role, reflecting his frequent use as the arena/team figurehead.

The landlord

The arena is nominally publicly owned by the Brooklyn Arena Local Development Corporation, a creation of the Job Development Authority, thus allowing a complicated process for the developer to save money via the issuance of tax-exempt arena bonds.

 Food counters without alcohol