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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Around arena, black boxes aim to count vehicles for baseline traffic study

Update: I'm told these counters are gone. It's unclear whether they were put up as a test, or will return.

Wondering that the block box is at right, seen at around the Atlantic Yards site at the northeast corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, the northeast corner of Pacific Street and Sixth, and the southeast side of Atlantic Avenue and Sixth?

It's a vehicle counter, from Miovision, which offers a portable video-based system to provide two typesof traffic studies: standard ones that monitor anonymous traffic movements and also license plate recognition studies.

Surely this is for the former:
Automatically count vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists to collect traffic data for a corridor study, traffic impact study, traffic volume study, amongst other studies.
As city Department of Transportation rep Chris Hrones explained last December, the agency asked Forest City Ratner to gather updated data regarding traffic conditions around the site, a baseline for a post-opening study of traffic conditions, to help guide additional mitigations.