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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/coming/missing, who's responsible, + project overview/FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

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Downtown Brooklyn Partnership claims (nah) city & state governments have already funded platform over LIRR railyard, claims $686M (!) in arena public support.

Downtown Brooklyn Partnership growth map; Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park is at right The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP), the "not-for-profit local development corporation that serves as the primary champion for Downtown Brooklyn as a world-class business, cultural, educational, residential, and retail destination," recently released DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN: 20 YEARS OF GROWTH . It's an interesting project, using maps and graphics to show the remarkable transformation of the area--not just the rezoning area--since the 2004 Downtown Brooklyn rezoning, with 32 million square feet of new development. What shocked me was the claim, discussed further below, that city and state governments have already funded the platform, which I first suspected was an inadvertent disclosure of an upcoming subsidy but turned out to be a bogus overreach.  From DBP report Also, it was surprising that the DBP, rather than trying to minimize--as is typical for boosterish business groups--the public s

Related Chief Executive Blau: talks regarding Pacific Park "have a lot of moving parts," but "could be a great opportunity."

A July 11 Wall Street Journal exclusive, Stephen Ross Is Launching His Second Act at 84: A New Florida Real-Estate Firm , describes how "Related’s founder and chairman is stepping down and taking Palm Beach properties to his new company." Related, a privately owned New York-based firm founded by Ross 52 years ago, began by building affordable housing, then took on larger projects, like Hudson Yards, built over railroad tracks on Manhattan's Far West Side. The firm, which has a whopping $60 billion worth of completed and ongoing projects, is seeking to build a casino and much more in the second half of Hudson Yards. It will be led by a triumvirate, including Chief Executive Jeff Blau. About Pacific Park The article also adds slightly to news The Real Deal broke a week earlier, about Related's interest in Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park: Related also has been trying to take advantage of the increasing distress in the commercial-property market. For example, the firm is in

What happened last Sunday around Barclays Center? Arena says a fraction of "20-30 buses" for Catholic service parked nearby. Videos show 60+, many idling.

A hydrant on Flatbush Avenue Last Sunday, I heard reports of buses parked around the Barclays Center, and a neighbor shot video and shared it with me, showing dozens of buses, some of them idling illegally, with a few blocking hydrants, bus stops or (partial) crosswalks, as well as double-parking.  Oddly enough, the arena had not announced an event in its July event calendar circulated to neighbors. Nor had it sent an update. But the videos, as shown below, indicate widespread idling, which is prohibited for more than three minutes. (My source says buses were still idling on a second walk-through.) A Catholic service A search on Twitter/X turned up a post from the Diocese of Brooklyn stating, in the associated image (below left), "Brooklyn is Proud to Host Eucharist in the Barclays Center." I saved the image. (Here's  background  on that Catholic ritual and service. T he event was well-attended, with the arena's upper deck occupied if not full, from this  Instagram

Greenland lobbying update: "advocate on General Project Plan development" (which could mean a lot)

Something's going on, but who knows exactly what. Bi-monthly lobbying reports from powerhouse lobbyist Kasirer, representing Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park developer Greenland USA's vehicle Pacific Park Development LLC, indicate the same thing: "advocate on GPP [General Project Plan] development." That could encompass a lot, since the GPP , surely subject to future proposed revision, guides the overall project in terms of configuration, scope, and design, while the associated Development Agreement, a more detailed contract, sets definitions, deadlines, and more. So there could be major changes being proposed, and discussed. The reports In January-February 2024, the state's lobbying database indicates communication with Arden Sokolow, Executive VP, Real Estate Development and Planning at Empire State Development (ESD), the state authority that oversees/shepherds the project. STATE & MUNICIPAL FOCUSES AND PARTIES LOBBIED TYPE FOCUS PARTIES COMMUNICATION MONITORIN

Former ESD Atlantic Yards Director Jaiyesimi lands at lobbying powerhouse Kasirer, which represents Pacific Park developer. But she won't lobby on Atlantic Yards.

Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise--after all, when you leave government service, there are typically only a few directions. So Tobi Jaiyesimi, who left Empire State Development (ESD) last July after eight and a half years as "Executive lead and Project Director for an interdisciplinary team of professionals managing the World Trade Center Site 5 Project in Lower Manhattan, the Atlantic Yards Project in central Brooklyn and the Queens West Development Project in Long Island City," according to her LinkedIn, is now a lobbyist. She joined ESD as both Executive Director of the (purportedly) advisory Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC),  but eventually served as ESD's Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Project Director, thus essentially advising herself. Presumably while working at ESD she interacted with lobbyists from Kasirer, the city's busiest lobbying shop, who work for, among other clients, Greenland USA. At Kasirer According to her LinkedIn, Jaiye