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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

As Nets lose in OT to Bucks, capping disappointing but landmark season, an unpublicized watch party on Barclays Center plaza (plus video of KD shot & tight fit on Dean St.)

In a seventh-game thriller last night at Barclays Center, the visiting Milwaukee Bucks beat the injury-hamped Brooklyn Nets in overtime last night, the first away victory for either team in the second-round Eastern Conference series. It marked both (explicable) underachievement for the Nets and new acclaim for superstar Kevin Durant--plus some new purchase on borough/city fandom. On the plaza While the Bucks held official watch parties on the plaza of the not-quite-downtown Fiserv Forum, the Brooklyn Nets made no such announcement , though--somewhat to my surprise--the game was being broadcast when I arrived at the Resorts World Casino NYC Plaza during the fourth quarter.  Perhaps 150 people were watching, and hawkers of both t-shirts and nutcrackers were unmolested. Why no announcement? Were they fearful of too big a crowd? So the original Bruce Ratner promise that the scoreboard would be visible to passers-by from the plaza was bogus, given layers of advertising in front of it. Ho

As Nets, Bucks play decisive final game of series, a reassessment in New Jersey re Nets fandom

NY Daily News June 18 As the Brooklyn Nets prepare to play the Milwaukee Bucks in the deciding seventh game of their second-round playoff series, as The Ringer's Dan Devine wrote , "The Biggest Showdown of the NBA Playoffs Is Set": Two days after [the Nets' Kevin] Durant played the game of his life to push Milwaukee to the brink of elimination, Khris Middleton played the game of his to fuel a 104-89 win and make sure the Bucks had some company on the razor’s edge.  Now, with Kyrie Irving out and James Harden only at partial capacity, there's a showdown, and the winner has a good shot at going all the way. NY Post June 18 Devine's conclusion: If the Nets are in a bind and need to short-circuit Milwaukee’s offense, might Nash take a page out of Nate McMillan’s book in the East’s other second-round series and try intentionally fouling Giannis (just 45.7 percent from the stripe in this series, but 6-for-10 on Thursday)? And, perhaps most importantly: Can Milwaukee

As election approaches, some more belated scrutiny for Adams, even as local coverage diminishes (with WSJ shut-down of Greater NY section)

Eric Adams has faced less scrutiny than he deserves , I wrote in August 2018 for City & State, following up, in part, in February 2021 for the New York Daily News, regarding his spin after  his "Go back to Iowa" comments. Indeed, the politically deft Brooklyn Borough President took advantage of his bully pulpit and the general lack of journalistic firepower. Now, as he leads the polls in the Democratic mayoral primary, consolidating union support and weaponizing identity politics (and, yes, appealing thanks to his inside/outside perspective on managing the police and tackling crime), Adams is finally getting some of that scrutiny. Only it's a little late. Yes, both The City and the New York Times wrote about his dubious non-profit, and Politico , with an assist from some rival campaigns, raised questions about Adams' dubious decision to bunk at his Borough Hall office. But early voting has already started, with the Democratic primary on June 22, and much of the

In the 35th, Hudson and Hollingsworth face off, amid questions about development (inc. Prospect Heights) and the future of member deference

The Democratic primary race to succeed City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo, finishing her second term in the 35th District, involves seven candidates, four of whom have received some matching funds, but boils down to a contest between the two with the most endorsements and full matching funds. They are Michael Hollingsworth , a graphic designer and tenant organizer via the Crown Heights Tenants Union, and Crystal Hudson , a sports marketer, staffer in City Council and the Public Advocate’s office, and founder of Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid. Hudson is clearly the “establishment” candidate, with backing from more unions (1199, 32BJ, District Council 37), elected officials (Reps. Hakeem Jeffries and Yvette Clarke), and the Citizens Union, as she pledges “an unapologetically pro-Black, pro-queer, pro-justice, pro-accountability, people-powered campaign.” That makes Hollingsworth the insurgent, citing the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s failure to “protect neighbors from predator

On CNBC, Nets owner Tsai doubles down defending China ("the average citizen is very hopeful about the future") and Hong Kong's national security legislation

OK, the big news today, as the tabloids tell us , was Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant's epic, full-game performance last night, with an absent Kyrie Irving and a subpar James Harden, to power a comeback, leading the team to a 3-2 playoff series edge over the Milwaukee Bucks.  The series now returns to Milwaukee for a sixth game; a seventh, if necessary, would be played in Brooklyn on Saturday, June 19, at 8:30 pm. But in the wake of the more-than-sports discussions centered around the Nets and the NBA, and in anticipation of a book being published about that next week--Matt Sullivan's  Can't Knock the Hustle: Inside the Season of Protest, Pandemic, and Progress with the Brooklyn Nets' Superstars of Tomorrow --let's take a closer look at what the team owner says. Lots about China, but sports gets the focus Unsurprisingly, given the strictures on sportswriting--and the audience for the sports page--a CNBC interview yesterday with Brooklyn Nets owner (and Alibaba tyco

Yes, Eric Adams has been deftly weaponizing identity politics.

Yesterday, independent, left-leaning journalist/columnist Ross Barkan, on his Substack, published  Eric Adams and the Weapon of Identity , warning, in his subheading, "The Left doesn't quite know what could hit them." Indeed, Brooklyn Borough President Adams is positioned "for a slim but significant victory" in the Democratic primary, tantamount to the election: Rising in the polls, Adams appears to be gaining great traction with Black voters and winning over more moderate whites in the outer boroughs, particularly older voters worried about rising crime. White liberals, increasingly wary of him, still may rank him on more ballots than Andrew Yang, who faced months of media scrutiny that Adams never endured. Adams is a smart guy and a deft politician, able to corral numerous labor endorsements and ride the power of machine politics. His professional biography--though see Vanity Fair's caveats on his police career--and the much-highlighted rise in crime posi

At tonight's game, after tabloids highlight injuries to stars, Brooklyn Nets face a surprising test

Never underestimate the power of the tabloids to shape public consciousness, and never underestimate the reliance of the tabs on easy storylines. So, Kyrie Irving was injuried in the Brooklyn Nets' loss Sunday to the Milwaukee Bucks, who evened the playoff series to 2-2. That left Kevin Durant as the team's lone superstar, given the previous injury to James Harden. As shown at right, the New York Daily News went with "1 is Nets' Loneliest Number" on their back cover. Meanwhile, the New York Post, on their back cover, went with "In a Jam," as shown at left. Wait--the Post even put the game result on their front page, as shown below right, giving the result the top half--not even the bottom!-- with the headline "Ky and dry." The Daily News  coverage  called it "the Nets’ worst nightmare," given that "the Nets have devolved from juggernauts into jugger-nots." The post-game drama, as the New York Times reported , involved questi

Nets/arena CEO: they need entry-level workers (pay unclear); job listing at Levy Restaurants but not BSE Global

So, according to a recent podcast interview with John Abbamondi, CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and the arena operating company, the Barclays Center has job openings--sort of. As indicated below, I couldn't find any link on the BSE Global site, which does not list hourly arena jobs. Hey @barclayscenter is there a link for arena jobs (ushers?) w/BSE? (not here yet ) In the podcast, @JAbbamondi said they paid "very competitive rates" but said he'd "have to get back 2you" on specifics Prev, I'd heard workers grouse they got too few hours — Norman Oder (@AYReport) June 11, 2021 Levy Restaurants, which runs the food stands, *is* hiring hawkers/vendors no pay rate cited, tho some other jobs here — Norman Oder (@AYReport) June 11, 2021 At least as of December 2015, the last time there was a union protest presaging contract renewal, employees complained that they got

Nets/arena CEO: concerts set to boom (sure) and are "generally sold out" (nah); evidence from first four years and then 2017

The concerts are coming back to the Barclays Center, for sure, as John Abbamondi, CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and the arena operating company, said recently on a podcast.. Abbamondi also predicted there'd be a burst in concerts over next years as musical acts get back on the road. However, not true re concerts that "they're generally sold out" Averaged <12K in debut year (with biggest concerts) Tho likely to be increased attendance in coming year — Norman Oder (@AYReport)  June 11, 2021 Here's the original  source  for the concert attendance over the first four years, starting in 2012, a disclosure--released in 2016--to buyers of refinanced arena bonds. The arena can  seat "up to 19,000"  for concerts, given the ability to put seats on what is otherwise an event floor, though it's harder to sell seats behind a stage if it's oriented toward one of the arena. The capacity for basketball is 17,73

At least one more home game for Brooklyn Nets versus Milwaukee Bucks

With a narrow victory Thursday June 10 over the Brooklyn Nets, the Milwaukee Bucks guaranteed themselves at least one trip back to Brooklyn, cutting their best-of-seven series deficit to 2-1, and today they have another chance, at home. If the Nets win, the fifth game , on 7:30 pm Tuesday June 15 at the Barclays Center, could be decisive. But if series goes seven games--unlikely, at this point, but who knows--the series would close Saturday June 19 at Barclays, presumably in the evening.

MTV Video Music Awards returning to Barclays Center September 12, with live audience (of some size)

A 6/8/21 press release announced that yes,  MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) return to New York City LIVE on Sunday, September 12th, airing globally in over 175 countries .  What's unclear is how many fans will be allowed inside the Barclays Center, but... it seems clear that many will be, as health and safety protocols evolve. And the limits on an audience might have more to do with production constraints than safety ones. Also unclear is the impact on the neighborhood surrounding the arena, which took a hit during the 2013 VMAs, the last time they came to Brooklyn. Note that the event will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The press release MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) return to New York City LIVE on Sunday, September 12th, airing globally in over 175 countries From Barclays Center and packed with epic performances, VMAs set as one of first fan-filled awards shows In observance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, MTV and 9/11 Day to partner on events leading up th

From the latest Construction Update: another crane installation scheduled next weekend at B12/B13 site on Dean Street; after-hours work (6 am start) again omitted

The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update (bottom), covering the two weeks beginning June 14, was circulated yesterday at 10:09 am (lead time) by Empire State Development (ESD) after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.  One change from the  previous Update  regarding expected work: at the B12/B13 site (615 Dean/595 Dean) on the southeast block of the project, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, "West Tower crane set up and installation scheduled for Saturday, June 19, 2021 and Sunday, June 20, 2021. Tower crane will be set up from Pacific Street and access to Pacific Street will be limited due to crane operations."  Note that an East Tower crane was previously announced to be set up last weekend. After-hours work contines Regarding after-hours work at B4 (18 Sixth Ave.), the Construction Update accurately lists weekday work  5 am  to  10 pm  and Saturday work  9 am to 5 pm . It also lists Sunday work 9 am to 5 pm but there's no after-hours