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Documents from Community Board 6 show those approving Barclays Center liquor license didn't know arena clubs would be open one hour after events

Applicants for the Barclays Center liquor license intend to keep clubs for high-rollers--up to some 5,400 people, according to the New York Post--open one hour after events, which was not explained when the applicants sought support from community boards, as noted by Atlantic Yards Watch.

Indeed, the Community Boards didn't know that. Consider  very diplomatic 5/11/12  letter, from Brooklyn Community Board 6 Chairman Daniel Kummer, to the State Liquor Authority, regarding the proposed Barclays Center liquor license:
Lastly, our board conditioned its support of the application on the imposition of certain temporal limitations with regard to service of alcohol at arena events: (i) that the applicant stop serving alcohol after either the end of the third quarter during NBA games, or one hour before the end of any other event, and (ii) that in any case alcohol service should end no later than 2:00 a.m. These conditions were proposed and approved at our general board meeting on May 9 rather than at the committee level, thus there was not an opportunity to discuss them with the applicants prior to the board’s vote. However, we are hopeful that the applicants will agree that these service limitations are a reasonable and modest accommodation that should provide some measure of assurance and relief to our community without negatively impacting the arena’s business model in any material way.
(Emphasis added)

It was not unreasonable to impose this, because, as committee meeting minutes note:
Client intends to follow NBA policy (i.e.; no service in fourth quarter of the game). Other events cut-off time before end of event decided on and [sic] event basis/
The State Liquor Authority has two hearings scheduled on the arena liquor license.