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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From Atlantic Yards Watch: blocking the curb at Pacific Street; dump trucks on Bergen Street; tractors on Dean Street

See update about truck routes below.

Why's there a need for a Barclays Center Neighborhood Protection Plan, to discourage driving, add signage, and beef up sanitation and traffic enforcement, among other things?

Because the arena's encroaching on a residential neighborhood, and violations of construction rules and local laws continue to take their toll on the streets around the Atlantic Yards site.

From Atlantic Yards Watch: Contractors and workers at the Atlantic Yards site continue to park on the sidewalk at Pacific Street and Sixth Avenue, increasing danger to pedestrians and even damaging the curb. The blue pickup truck, according to AY Watch, is owned by The Laquila Group.

Local truck routes?

From Atlantic Yards Watch: Dump trucks use Bergen Street, rather than a truck route.

An update from the ESDC, the state agency overseeing the project:
New York City Truck Routes Rules and Regulations allow trucks to utilize this route. The City Rules & Regs state:
"Trucks with an origin or destination for the purpose of delivery, loading or servicing within the respective borough, shall only operate on designated local routes, except that an operator may operate on a street not designated as a local truck route for the purpose of arriving at his/her destination."
"This shall be accomplished by leaving a designated truck route at the intersection that is nearest to their destination, proceeding by the most direct route, and then returning to the nearest designated truck route by the most direct route. If the operator has additional destinations in the same general area, he/she may proceed by the most direct route to his/her next destination without returning to a designated truck route, provided that the operator's next destination does not require that he/she cross a designated truck route."
The upshot:
Trucks are therefore allowed to leave the local and through truck routes to access any aspect of the construction site.
But that essentially means that any streets can be used. The Barclays Center Delivery Truck Rules suggest differently:

  • All trucks are to access the site via Pacific Street from Vanderbilt Avenue unless noted otherwise.
  • All trucks are to que [sic] as needed from Vanderbilt Avenue to Carlton Avenue on 
  • Pacific Street only.
  • All trucks shall be required to use NYCDOT-designated truck routes for traveling to and from the construction site, which include primarily Atlantic Avenue, Flatbush Avenue, 4th Avenue, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway except as required for movement between staging and construction areas.

This doesn't explain why the trucks need to be on Bergen Street.

From Atlantic Yards Watch: Cement and dump trucks continue to use Bergen Street. (Also see video.)

From Atlantic Yards Watch: Heavy tractors use residential Dean Street and Carlton Avenue, not Atlantic Avenue.