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The Islanders win a playoff game. Fans celebrate at midnight. Neighbors endure it, on a school night.

It was their first playoff game ever in Brooklyn last night, and there was a full house watching the New York Islanders win in overtime, their first victory in three games against the Florida Panthers.

One witness describing the atmosphere--in a building often criticized for being unfriendly to hockey--as "every bit as lively, raucous and boisterous as what you’ll find in any other building in the National Hockey League."

And that meant it spilled out into the street as midnight approached, and even afterward--on a school night. The video below--shot halfway down Pacific Street from the arena--shows yelling and honking.. Apparently the new "Islanders Code of Conduct" can only go so far.

The arena operators need to do more, but they face a challenge. Fans understandably want to celebrate, and they'd be even louder if they were tailgating outside the Nassau Coliseum.

But the arena backs into a residential neighborhood. The next home playoff game is Wednesday, also starting at the relatively late time of 8 pm.


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Get over it.

    1. This is not an uncommon attitude. See

      The arena operators should take note.


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