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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Are there really 1,700 construction workers (no) and 2,500 arena workers (questionable)?

So, how many people actually work on Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park construction?

Forest City Ratner's Ashley Cotton was quoted in a 4/11/16 New York Daily News article regarding plans to create a sticker system to identify construction workers: “At any given time we could have 1,700 construction workers out there. I need levers in order to create accountability for these workers."

However, at the Community Update meeting 4/13/16, Cotton said, regarding that sticker plan, "I have a thousand workers to ID."

That suggests that there are currently 1000 workers. That's tough to believe, just based on the eyeball observations that I and others have made of the site.

But if there were more oversight, as well as the Independent Compliance Monitor required by the Community Benefits Agreement (but never hired), maybe we'd know.

Could additional construction on the project site ultimately mean more workers? Possibly. But again, let's have a neutral party evaluate numbers.

How many arena jobs?

In another article, the Daily News reported, "About 300 of the arena’s approximately 2,500 employees work full time."

As I wrote 4/14/16, The figure of 2,500 employees is certainly more than the "2,000 jobs" projected in 2012, with 1,901 part-time and 105 full-time. And 300 full-time employees would be a notable increase. (In what department are those jobs?)

But the real question is FTE (full-time equivalent). How different is the current FTE compared to the 1,240 FTE originally projected? We don't know.

But hiring more workers without adding FTE positions not only makes it look like the arena is a good corporate citizen (all those ads for jobs!), it also increases the pool and potentially lowers hours for current workers (as I was told).