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Photos: 535 Carlton contractors use Prospect Heights corner a block away for noisy unloading

What's going on here?

Well, as a Prospect Heights resident living near the corner of Bergen Street and Carlton Avenue wrote to Empire State Development (copying me and others), his family and house guest " awoke to copper pipes being dropped into bins at 7:50 am this morning by construction workers from the 535 Carlton Project."

That location, the corner of Bergen and Carlton, is one block south of the construction site, outside the delivery area (and in front of a fire hydrant).

That posed dangers to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, as the bins blocked both traffic land and bike lane.

The resident confirmed to me that the materials were being delivered to 535 Carlton, which has a fence that extends into the street purportedly to accommodate cranes and deliveries.


This seems to be both a vehicular violation (blocking street, parking at hydrant, etc.) as well as a violation of the state Memorandum of Environmental Commitments the developer signed, which states, among other things:
  • To the extent feasible, curbside deliveries shall occur within delineated closed-off areas.
  • Truck deliveries shall be scheduled, and untimely deliveries shall, in general, be turned away or reassigned with different delivery times.
  • On-site designated staging areas shall be maintained throughout the construction period to store materials and to accommodate construction vehicles that require early arrival and marshalling for immediate material delivery to high-demand construction areas. Wherever practicable, FCRC shall establish dedicated queuing areas instead of using streets for queuing.
  • Once building foundations are completed, delivery trucks are to be located adjacent to noisy streets (i.e., Atlantic Avenue, Flatbush Avenue and 6th Avenue) rather than at quieter streets, such as Dean Street and Pacific Street, where there are residences;
  • Operating delivery trucks behind the noise barriers where practicable
Even if it was not "practicable" to bring the truck inside the 535 Carlton barrier this morning, for some reason, that doesn't mean it's OK to use a residential street.