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After harassment complaints, Greenland Forest City finally rolls out color-coded ID system for construction workers

This letter was taped to a door on Vanderbilt
Avenue between Pacific and Dean streets
A "Dear Neighbor" letter was distributed yesterday on some blocks near the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site in Prospect Heights, heralding a long-promised color-coded identification system that should make it easier to recognize project construction workers and should put them on notice that they can be recognized.

The letter states that the developer has "zero tolerance for illegal and inappropriate behavior," does not reference the public (and non-public reports) of sexual harassment and other obnoxious behavior by some fraction of construction workers, reported here and in the Daily News.

One resident who was harassed described in December how in the morning "the neighborhood is swarming with construction workers. As a female it is like being in a shark tank just to walk down your own street."

She earlier this month expressed disappointment that it had taken so long to respond, and Greenland Forest City Partners spokeswoman Ashley Cotton said they were aiming to start this month.

The text of the letter:
To ensure a safe and accountable work site at Pacific Park, Greenland Forest City Partners has created a color-coded identification badge and hard-hat sticker system for the hundreds of construction workers across our site. GFCP has zero tolerance for illegal and inappropriate behavior. 
To create greater accountability for workers’ conduct, all construction workers at Pacific Park will be required to wear color-coded ID badges and hard-hat stickers. The colors represent the construction management companies working on our sites – Plaza Construction (yellow), Tishman Construction (orange), Turner Construction (blue), and McKissack Construction (beige). 
In the event of an incident, this new system will make it easier for law enforcement and employers to identify the individuals involved and take appropriate action. If anyone witnesses an emergency or illegal behavior, they should immediately call 911. 
To report a non-emergency, we encourage anyone to call the Pacific Park Brooklyn Community Liaison Office at 866-923-5315 or email 
We take any reports of illegal or inappropriate conduct very seriously. We are committed to promoting a safe and respectful environment at our sites and to continuing to be a good neighbor to the community.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 
Greenland Forest City Partners