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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Partial progress: announcement of Con Ed work overnight Monday & Tuesday on Atlantic

Let's call this partial progress, an announcement by the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Brooklyn developers of overnight electrical work by Con Edison next Monday and Tuesday (April 18-19) on Atlantic Avenue between Sixth /South Portland Avenue & South Oxford Street.

Updated and clarified...

It's partial progress because, in the past, utility work--not conducted by the developer's contractors, but related to the project--has not (consistently) been announced, and there have been numerous untoward impacts, including noise and street closings.

I'm reminded that, yes, such utility work that does not close streets has in fact been announced in the past.

It's incomplete progress because neighbors are not warned how disruptive it might be.
The announcement comes after residents' forceful criticism--and much Instagram posting--of street and sidewalk closures that were not publicly announced.

Pacific Park Brooklyn spokeswoman Ashley Cotton on Wednesday night said that, while the developer was not responsible for closures created by utility work (which is in part related to the project), it would now try to alert people.

"I am aware of the non-noticed, short term street closure that are creating parking lot situations on Block 1129, and it's not OK for me to just say that's Con Ed, so I’m coming to say I’m going to try to do better on that," Cotton said.

"Is there a sense of how long it’s going to take?" she was asked.

"It’s not my work, I have no idea," Cotton responded.

I asked for clarification, if this was not Con Ed work to facilitate the construction of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park.

"There’s a million things going on out there," Cotton responded. "Some of it I know for sure [is their project], some of it not... I would never say that the work out there is 100% not our project."