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Another Islanders playoff game, another episode of post-game honking and yelling

At least it didn't happen around midnight, as on Sunday. The post-playoff experience last night, after the New York Islanders' playoff game, started at about 11:15 and lasted 30 minutes, with fans honking and screaming.

That suggests that the recently-announced Islanders Code of Conduct hasn't had any effect; in fact, if it is this document, it says nothing about post-game conduct.

Some Islanders fans commenting on Twitter, YouTube, and my previous post essentially said "Get over it."

In other words, this is what happens with a boisterous fan base after an important hockey game, and it's wrong or unrealistic to expect quiet. Maybe.

If so, then maybe it's important not to build sports facilities without more of a cordon around them, as New York City zoning regulations require--and were overridden by the state in the case of the Barclays Center.