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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Alert: continued night work May 26-June 1 at Atlantic/Sixth

Beyond the intriguing admission about interior work in the B2 modular tower, the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update for the two weeks beginning tomorrow, May 25, contains several descriptions of new work planned, notably continued night work Tuesday May 26 through Monday June 1 at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

Unlike in the previous two-week alert, there is no mention of "directional lighting" or equipment like excavators, cranes, and hoe rams, with the installation of portable fences with acoustic blanket linings to help dampen the sound.

Note that, as of February, Forest City Ratner's CEO said no overnight work was planned. That was not exactly reliable.

(The document was issued Friday. Such an early issuance is unusual, given that the updates usually emerge one or after the date.)

The document, using asterisks and red type, distinguishes new work from ongoing work. Among the new work.

Atlantic Avenue and 6th Avenue Intersection

During the overnight hours in this reporting period:
• *May 26th through May 29th:
o 6th Avenue will be closed from Pacific Street to Atlantic Avenue (6th Ave Bridge) to allow for required work to be completed at the intersection Atlantic and 6th.
 This section of the road will be closed for the duration of this period.
 There will be no pedestrian access on 6th Avenue between Pacific and the north side of Atlantic Avenue during the period referenced above.
 Flagmen and/or TEAs will be posted at the intersections to help direct traffic and pedestrians.
 Work will occur during day and night hours during this period.
 Work during this period will include the setting of Main Steel Girder along the LIRR
Tunnel and installation of Temporary Road Decking across 6th Avenue as well as continuation of the mini pile and tie down anchors in the intersection.
• *May 29th at 10:00 pm through June 1st at 6:00 am:
o 6th Avenue will be closed from Pacific Street to Atlantic Avenue (6th Ave Bridge) and there will be varying lane closures on Atlantic Avenue throughout the weekend to allow for temporary repaving of the Atlantic Ave and 6th Ave intersection.
Green roof work at Barclays Center
  • *The Flatbush Avenue crane was assembled the weekend of May 16-17. It will be needed for approximately 2 to 4 weeks (depending on weather conditions), after which it will be disassembled.
  • *Deliveries to the Flatbush Avenue crane location continue during this reporting period. Trucks will travel northbound on Flatbush Avenue past the crane site and back into the fenced area to the lifting zone. Flagmen will be present as needed.
B11 – 550 Vanderbilt Avenue:
During this reporting period:

• *Con Ed is scheduled to commence bringing additional electric power into a property manhole located within the site on Dean Street.
• *Additional Plexi-glass panels will be installed on the site fence at the corner of Vanderbilt and Dean Streets per FDNY direction to improve visibility.