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Who knew? At B2 tower, "limited interior work" now planned on modules (presumably delivered complete)

Need for interior work?
An intriguing admission emerged in the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update for the two weeks beginning May 25, a document issued Friday (bottom).

Regarding the B2 modular tower at Dean Street, and Flatbush Avenue, the document states:
  • Work related to the erection of modules for floors 11, 12, and 13 is continuing during this reporting period. 
  • Limited interior work will begin on modules that have already been installed. 
No such "limited interior work" has been ever announced previously; after all, the point of modular construction is to deliver completed modules to the site.

The photo above sent by a reader seems to show that ceilings inside some modules have missing or removed panels.

By contrast, "mechanical, plumbing and electrical mate line work"--connecting the modules so they can be part of the finished building--has been announced several times.