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New they get it: Times editorial page suggests mayor should support libraries over sports facilities

It's a trifle ironic to read today's New York Times editorial, New York City’s Libraries Need Money, which states:
Mr. de Blasio leads a city where the corporate and entertainment infrastructure are seldom neglected. Citi Field, Yankee Stadium and the Barclays Center, to name just three, are beneficiaries of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, as Jim Dwyer of The Times recently pointed out, while schools and libraries languish. If the mayor wants to make this city better from the bottom up, he should do right by New Yorkers like those who gather most mornings on the steps of the shiny library on Main Street in Flushing, waiting for the doors to open.
After all, after initially criticizing proposed public money for Atlantic Yards/Barclays Center, the Times editorial page went silent.


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    AGREED, and live up to his promise to stop the subsidies to the $150 proposed cash and tax breaks subsidy package to FreshDirect


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