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As of February, disruptive night work was not planned, but guess what: schedule creep (and overnight noise)

So there's been noisy, disruptive night work at the Vanderbilt Yard for the past week or so, and it's keeping residents from the Newswalk condo and others nearest the the site from sleeping, I've been told.

The work was disclosed in the most recent Construction Update, and surely proceeds under permit.

But it also proceeds from a typical Forest City Ratner strategy of incomplete candor. Consider my coverage of the 2/16/15 first meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation, set up in part to monitor project impacts.

Resident Wayne Bailey of Newswalk, which is adjacent to the Vanderbilt Yard, asked Forest City CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin if there would be nighttime work at the railyard.

"Right now we're not planning on it," Gilmartin said, though she acknowledged "schedule creep" could provoke such work. "If there is a plan, we need to get out early and explain why."

They didn't explain why, actually. The shorthand Construction Update simply described, but didn't explain. And surely they were planning, at least for the contingency.

I wrote four years ago that anticipate it does not, to Forest City Ratner, mean foresee, but rather "the placeholder date we don't believe but think we can get away with." Similarly, not planning apparently means "we may be planning but won't admit it publicly."

Below is the summary from meeting minutes.