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Disruptive late night noise for residents near project last week; what about this week?

For some residents near the Vanderbilt Yard, the last couple of nights have been a welcome respite from overnight construction work over the previous week.

New overnight work is planned at the intersection of Atlantic and Sixth avenues beginning Tuesday night, though it's not clear how loud it's expected to be, given that no extra steps to dampen noise have been announced, as with the work last week.

Such steps only went so far. On Wednesday night, reported one resident of the Newswalk condo between Dean and Pacific streets and Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, "a constant 'beep beep' sound that trucks make backing up" kept her family awake all night--and they don't even live on the side of the building facing the railyard and the Atlantic/Sixth work site.

"When you’re lying awake at night trying to sleep any kind of intermittent, irregular noise like that will make you crazy," the resident reported.

That compounds the impact from the noisy adjacent residential project going up by day, and lasting into the evening. The double-pane windows in the building--one of the recommended noise abatement measures--didn't help much, but a white noise machine on later nights did help somewhat, the resident reported.

Another complaint

Late night noise came up briefly at the meeting last Tuesday of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation.

As I reported, Rhona Hetsrony of the Dean Street Block Association (and a Newswalk resident) spoke with frustration. “I want to invite everyone to my house at midnight... it's unbearable, for the people on Dean Street. I want to go on record and request that nobody ever approve overnight construction again. It's really unbearable for the community. I'm going to go home and get some sleep.”

She then walked out of the meeting, and her statement got no response.