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SNL's "Weekend Update" finds fodder in Barclays Center pee story (and how about some porta-potties?)

Few can resist a good "pee story," and reports of public urination--limited to specific blocks near the Barclays Center--became, according to one news report, "Barclays Patrons Urinate All Over Park Slope." The story then snowballed.

In fact, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" last night found humor in the issue, just after the 34-minute mark.

Anchor Seth Meyers declared, "Residents of Brooklyn who live near the new Barclays Center are complaining that a large number of people urinating on the streets and behind buildings after Brooklyn Nets games--and also for the last 200 years."

Hee-hee, those complaining Brooklynites. The thing is, the state overrode zoning to place an arena closer to residences than city law permits. So the margin for error--even when the number of arena patrons urinating is far smaller than some news reports suggest--is small.

Perhaps a few porta-potties--a rather paltry investment, overall--could offer relief to Barclays Center patrons, protect neighbors bearing the brunt of arena impacts, and stem the bad press.