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The sixth show at the Barclays Center: rain causes crowd to seek shelter; lines linger less; and the post-event outflow to Fort Greene

Barclays Center operators got a dose of good luck this week when sold-out Jay-Z concerts combined with slow security lines to stall many event-goers in slow lines outside the three entrances: the weather was balmy.

After all, when it rains, the arena plaza does not exactly offer much shelter and yesterday, during intermittent rain in the early part of the evening, concert attendees clustered under part of the extended oculus (right) or closer to the building (below).

Below that, some videos of the scene one nearby blocks before and after the sixth (of eight) Jay-Z concerts. The crowd may have been somewhat smaller--or, at least, got in faster than on previous days. (Update: it's more likely that the arena procedures are getting better and people were arriving over the 90 minutes between the announced start of the show and the actual start.)

There were still cars taking up spaces and sidewalks in apparent violation of city law--though placards and official vehicles can trump that.

The surface parking lot was still mostly empty, but I'd better more usage during next week's Barbra Streisand concerts. And crowds continued to stream north to Fort Greene and the G/C trains--less likely, I'd bet, with Streisand.

Cars parked on the west side of Sixth Avenue, 6:55 pm

At the surface parking lot, still mostly empty

No Standing on Dean Street

After the event, 11:15-11:30 pm

Walking up South Portland Avenue from Atlantic Avenue and up to Fulton Street, down to Fort Greene Place and back to the arena