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The "Topless Paparazzo" comes to the Barclays Center plaza (well, the edge), provokes much gawking

If the Barclays Center plaza is Brooklyn's new Times Square, well, it got one affirmation yesterday, as a topless woman--Holly Van Voast/Harvey Van Toast the “topless paparazzo who has crashed several public events--appeared at the Flatbush Avenue edge of the plaza for at least two hours before Jay-Z show.
Her presence provoked gawking, tittering, much photo-taking, and some definite alarm from adults chaperoning kids.

I conducted a brief interview while trying not to look at her directly.

It wasn't a protest, she said. "This is an art project. It's like an entertainment project." Her goal, as the Daily Beast reported, is "a reality show about her life with her group of friends in the underground drag-performance scene in New York,"

Given that the plaza is publicly accessible, privately managed space, the "topless paparazzo" could be barred from entering the plaza. But toplessness is legal as long is it's not for commercial purposes.