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In case you see people wearing white tonight (and tomorrow night) around the arena (til maybe 1 am)... it's the Sensation crowd

Tonight at the Barclays Center is the first American performance of Sensation, a European EDM (electronic dance music) extravaganza, with serious production values and a collective requirement that everyone wear white

According to the official announcement:
Sensation’s “Innerspace” will immerse you in an action-packed blend of world-renowned DJs, acrobatic feats, state-of-the-art light shows and lasers—even fireworks!
Vibe has the scoop, including why everyone will be wearing white, and a link to the livestream on YouTube, which will start at 9 or 9:30.

How late might it go?

Given that attendees are aiming for what Vibe called "a euphoric night," I suspect that police and security guards will be less on the lookout for drunken behavior than, say, dealers of Ecstasy. (See this rather sobering report regarding the scene at large, with more here.)

The concert starts at 7 pm--well, the opening acts start then. It could go as late as 1 am.

There's been no official announcement, but Forest City Ratner, which got State Liquor Authority  (SLA) approval for alcohol service to VIPs for one hour after events, said this event was the only on the schedule where, theoretically, that 2 am limit might be reached. Instead, the SLA set 1 am as the absolute limit.

And, as noted, it's likely not a drinking crowd. There's a second show tomorrow night.