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Updated: Bertha Lewis's Black Institute auctioning suite access to Jay-Z to raise $25,000; all CBA signatories got free suites

Signatories of the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), and/or the organizations they now run, are getting access to Barclays Center suites, and at least in one case, have been auctioning them off to raise money.

Bertha Lewis, head of the now-disbanded ACORN, now heads the Black Institute, which offers this "Adopt-A-Dreamer" opportunity for tonight's show:
President & Founder Bertha Lewis
Cordially invites you to support The Black Institute's "Adopt a Dreamer" Program by joining us for a Jay-Z concert at Brooklyn's Barclay Center. Don't miss this opportunity for you and your guests to enjoy this landmark event from the comfort of a luxury suite. 
October 4, 2012
Barclay Center, Suite Level
$2,500 per ticket
$25,000 for entire suite
Suite amenities include access to suite level VIP lounges, tickets to concert, plush leather seating, mini wet bar and kitchen - perfect for food prep and bar set-up.
Updated with Daily News article

Erin Durkin of the Daily News got the story first, reporting (in an article not online) yesterday that each of the Community Benefits Agreement signatories got access to a Barclays Center suite for each of the Jay-Z concerts.

This is part of a pledge to set aside a suite for each arena event for community access--only this time, they go as rewards to the signatories. As Durkin noted:
Many of the affordable housing and jobs benefits spelled out in the agreement have not yet come to fruition.
But the nonprofit groups, all of which received funding from Ratner in the past, have remained loyal.
That last sentence seems rather self-explanatory.