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Arena spokesman says giving up metal detectors for Streisand aimed to speed lines, not racial profiling; concert film coming?

In B'klyn pol cries 'double standard' over metal detectors at Jay-Z concerts, but not Streisand, the New York Post found Council Member Letitia James criticizing the seeming double standard over requiring metal detectors at the Barclays Center for the Jay-Z concerts (and the Harlem Globetrotters) but not for the Barbra Streisand Oct. 11 and tonight:
Arena spokesman Barry Baum said the decision to scrap the metal detectors for the Babs concert was simply to speed things up and “absolutely not” any kind of racial profiling.
Longer lines Monday?

That raises a question: if the arena persists at being the only large sports facility to use metal detectors, how long will the lines be when Nets games begin? We'll find out Monday, Oct. 15, at the first Nets exhibition game.

The Post couldn't get a comment from representatives of Jay-Z and Streisand; I reported that I was told the decision not to use metal detectors was at Streisand's request. (The Post's Rich Calder tweeted that arena officials say it was their decision, not that of Streisand or the police.)

The Post maintained its practice of trying not to credit other journalists:
“Streisand fans get wanded. No metal detector, as with Jay-Z attendees,” observed Twitter commenter Norman Oder.
Um, Atlantic Yards Report journalist Norman Oder wrote about this first.

Streisand concert film coming?

As noted in the photo below, signs on the doors to the Barclays Center arena state that not only do people by entering consent to participate in a broadcast program, cameras are not permitted. Of course, they can't block cellphone cameras, but relatively less homemade video of Streisand has appeared compared to the previous Jay-Z shows.