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Pedestrian improvements coming to Flatbush Avenue aim to extend sidewalks, define pedestrian space, slow turning vehicles

Coming this week are efforts by the city Department of Transportation to improve intersections on North Flatbush Avenue just past the Barclays Center on the way to Grand Army Plaza.

This plan, which dates back to 2008, precedes a spring 2014 capital construction project to expand triangles at the intersections. In the interim, residents will get expansions known as neckdowns and, as described by DOT:
  • Improving intersections to slow down turning vehicles
  • Painting sidewalk extensions at five Flatbush Avenue intersections including Bergen Street, St. Marks Avenue, Prospect Place, Sterling Place and St. Johns Place
  • Expanding pedestrian space at the Carlton Avenue/Park Place intersection
  • Adding plastic bollards to define pedestrian spaces
Also see coverage in Patch.

North Flatbush Avenue Pedestrian Improvements, Oct. 15, 2012
This would prevent some of the idling and illegal parking on Bergen Street just west of Sixth Avenue that I saw on Oct. 11 at the Barbra Streisand concert: