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Storm rains debris from under-construction B3 tower, endangers vehicles and pedestrians; FDNY closes street (updated)

Updated 7 am Monday.

Wood planks outside the construction fence on Sixth Ave.
The brief, fierce storm that hit Brooklyn around 7 pm Sunday blew planks of wood and other construction material from the under-construction B3 tower, raining debris on adjacent Sixth Avenue and Dean Street, endangering vehicles and pedestrians and on the sidewalk. Injuries were avoided.

Firefighters from the nearby fire station quickly closed off the street adjacent to the tower, which has reached about 15 stories.

"It was really wild to watch, all kinds of debris flew over, on the street, sidewalks, on the other barricaded site too," a witness reported. "They flew really high and hit the ground really hard. Too bad I did not have the camera in hand as the cloud of debris was in the air."

"Three women stopped and were almost hit, one ran with her umbrella, the other (crazily) was watching as things kept flying down, then she realized she was in danger," I was told.

From Atlantic Yards Watch
Presumably the Department of Buildings will investigate, and possibly levy a fine. (There's an active complaint.) This surely was a hazardous situation, and the tight fit of the project leaves limited margin for error.

Also see this report on Atlantic Yards Watch:
"My wife ... and I were walking home just a few mins ago when luckily we noticed some wood debris get blown of the 6th Ave/ Dean St. Construction site (8th Fl). It missed us but could easily have hit someone else in the crosswalk in front of Dubai market.
We called 311 who transferred us to 911. The police are coming now and we are filing a report."
The residents waited an hour outside and then went indoors, but the police did not come. The resident writes: "Extremely frustrated." Today they filed a 311 complaint which is the one included with this log. 
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