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Looking at 461 Dean: some facade pieces, open windows to fix

Last night, walking along Dean Street past the 461 Dean modular tower just east of Flatbush Avenue, I shot the photos below.

The top one shows that some fraction of facade repairs are still needed--in this project, they attached the facade at the factory, which, while a more full example of pre-fab construction, is tougher to pull off.

The bottom photo shows several windows open. Now it's likely--right?!?--that the contents are now covered in plastic, but do they really want rain entering? That must be a bug, not a feature. The building is nearly done: it's topped out, and the lottery for the 50% affordable units ends June 27.


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Why would you suggest that operable windows are a "bug and not a feature?" It's 80+ degrees outside, workers now, and residents later, likely want some fresh air. Seems to me that this is intentional. You might be over-reaching on this one.

    1. I might be, tho let's see if windows still open during rain.


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