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Developer: fire at 461 Dean isolated to single apartment (but why'd it combust in first place?)

DNAinfo reports on developer Forest City Ratner's explanation for the fire yesterday at the B2 modular building, aka 461 Dean Street:
"This morning, 461 Dean construction workers alerted the fire department about a small, isolated fire in one of the building's apartment units. The fire was extinguished promptly and there were no injuries. We take construction site safety extremely seriously and will take steps to reinforce all safety protocols across the worksite,” FCRC spokeswoman Nicole Kolinsky said in a statement.
Okay, but... that still sounds a bit fishy, especially since the developer is not exactly known for candor.

Buildings don't spontaneously combust, especially ones in which there's not supposed to be very much on-site work in the first place.

Remember, as described in 2012, as shown in the screenshot below, the onsite work consists of workers lowering modules by crane, bolting them together, and then connecting pre-installed building systems like plumbing.

It's not clear there's much flame and fire required to do that. Which makes me wonder if the fire was connected to some repairs beyond what was originally inspected, or whether someone on site was smoking. We'll have to wait for the Fire Marshal's report.

From November 2012 Forest City Ratner presentation