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Partial stop-work order for B3 site after debris falls; violation levied after sparks at B2 crane

Update June 8: the stop-work order is fully rescinded.

The incident Sunday night in which the storm rained debris from the B3 construction site at Dean Street and Sixth Avenue led to the issuance yesterday of a partial stop-work order at the site by the Department of Buildings.

Presumably the contractors for developer Greenland Forest City must prove that the site is in fact secure. It's unclear if a fine will be levied.  (Note that "resolved" means that the partial stop-work order has resolved the response to the complaint, not the underlying situation.)

The complaint overview notes "loose debris on "eye brows" on FLRS 2 to 12." That's a lot of floors. (By the way, an eyebrow is a "a flat, normally concrete, projection which protrudes horizontally from a building wall.")

Interestingly enough, on 5/14/16, a similar complaint was filed, claiming that debris was being blown off the construction site and falling into the street. An inspection two days later stated that no violation was warranted because no debris was falling at the time of the inspection.

Maybe a quicker response would have prevented the hazardous condition Sunday, which luckily didn't cause injuries. It also suggests that getting documentary evidence is important.

The previous incident

Also, the incident Friday night in which sparks and a seeming fire occurred during the dismantling of a crane for the B2 site (aka 461 Dean, at Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street) has led to the assessment of a Class 1 (immediately hazardous) violation for operating the crane unsafely.

According to the Department of Buildings complaint, sections of the power cable touched the tower crane, "causing a large spark." (One witness said: There were sparks flying down everywhere across the intersection onto people."

A Class 1 violation requires immediate correction. I assume a fine would be levied, but it's unclear.