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Public authorities' boards of directors: oversight limited, can be "rubber stamp" (1990 version)

Today's reading, from Urban Politics, New York Style, edited by Jewel Bellush and Dick Netzer, concerning public authorities, an ever-growing phenomenon in New York State, entities that are created by the executive branch to avoid typical checks and balances in legislative processes: 

This was published in 1990.

In the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park saga, we've certainly seen examples of Empire State Development (aka Empire State Development Corporation aka Urban Development Corporation) exercising myopic oversight and acting as a rubber stamp.


  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    This is an on going problem with oversight of boards run by ALL the authorities. As Battery Park Authority has their ongoing problems with no local residents on their board, the same issues will happen with Atlantic Yards where the public's opinions and observations are ignored.


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