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As 461 Dean crane disassembled, bursts of electrical fire alarm neighbors (though developer says it was "quickly resolved")

At around 5 pm on Friday, a resident near Dean Street and Flatbush Avenue told me, there was some kind of "electrical fire/explosion in the crane" being dismantled outside the 461 Dean (aka B2) modular building.

"Our lights flickered a bit. The fire went down the wire about 12 stories and then stopped," the resident reported. About five fire trucks arrived--no injuries were reported.

Asked on Twitter (see below) by photographer Erika Clark, "Is that much fire normal for a crane removal?" Forest City Ratner spokeswoman responded "no there was an issue that was quickly resolved."

Maybe it was, but it was certainly unnerving for residents, and another argument for a real-time source of explanation and oversight. Note the flash on the video at bottom.