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Progress at 664 Pacific: developer gets judge's order for access to assess adjacent site

A New York State judge issued an order yesterday that could start to resolve the impasse between Greenland Forest City Partners (GFCP), developers of 664 Pacific, a market-rate rental building including a school, and the adjacent four-story 497 Dean Street.

As I reported last week, work on 664 Pacific (aka B15) has been stalled because GFCP has been unable to gain access to the adjacent site to assess it and then install protections for that site during construction.

According to state Supreme Court Justice Sylvia Ash's order (below), the owner of 497 Dean must allow access for the GFCP subsidiary to conduct an on-site pre-construction survey, a step toward the installation of needed protections before construction. But the process requires much back-and-forth.

After that, the developer's engineer must update the Support of Excavation (SOE) plan by July 20, the two sides must meet within ten days after that, then the two sides' engineers must submit two more rounds of responses. The next hearing in the case will be 9/14/16.

Delayed school?

As I wrote, when plans for the school at B15 were first discussed, the opening date was said to be September 2018. The date was since pushed back to August 2019.

However, according to an affidavit from a GFCP executive filed this past February, work on the project should take four years, which suggests, at best, a 2020 opening and, depending on progress at the site, may not make the school year beginning in September 2020. Unless that affidavit overestimated the time needed.