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The circus comes to Barclays Center, and creates a trailer park along Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue on north side of arena
Oh, the circus is back in Brooklyn, and it has to be fun, right?

Last chance to see Ringling Bros. elephants before they retire to Florida, the New York Post reporter tells us, enlisting his kid for a review. A New York Daily News reporter joins Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus pros, talented stunt dogs at Barclays Center--yes, another stunt.

However, as in past years, the moving trailer park that is is the circus comes to rest in Brooklyn, bending the rules

Unlike in past years, when they've used the "pad" outside the loading dock on Dean Street on the south end of the arena, now they're using temporarily closed public streets behind construction fencing (aka MTP, or Maintenance and Protection of Traffic) on Atlantic Avenue, previously the site of construction cranes.

See the videos below, and note that the first shows them using a generator. How is this permitted? And why was it not announced to the public?

More pictures

Below, views from the sidewalk along the north end of arena.

Previous issues

As I wrote in May 2013, state officials said they let the arena use the pad for parking, but not for idling. Residents said circus performers were living there, with generators running.

“I view the generators as an issue,” state official Arana Hankin allowed. An arena official claimed, “Generators are not tolerated.”

As reported in March 2013. evidence suggested that the lengthy term of the circus requires some unusual accommodation for participants, including use of the pad for a trailer and delivery trucks on residential streets.

As reported in February 2014, trailers were parked around the neighborhood during a lengthier-than-announced load-in.