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Forest City executive: no mold problem in B2, "water happens in construction sites all the time" (but floors were gutted)

At tonight's Atlantic Yards Community Update meeting, Forest City Ratner spokeswoman Ashley Cotton was asked if there was a mold issue in the in-construction modular apartment building, 461 Dean Street, known as B2.

"No," responded Cotton. "Water happens in construction sites all the time. I know people keep pointing to it again and again. We have insurance for these sorts of things. Any mold that would pop up on this building or any other building, whether it’s modular or not, gets ripped out and remediated and taken care of. Any incidences of mold that that have popped up at B2, 461 Dean, have been taken care of."

Well, maybe, though evidence has not been made public about how lingering questions about mold were addressed, as noted below.

And B2 had a significant water problem--far more than "water happens in construction sites all the time"--as I reported 8/31/15 in a long City Limits article about problems at the building:
Half of the first 39 apartments suffered significant water damage. The first four floors were "largely gutted," according to reports from consultant STV, which serves as owner's representative for Empire State Development (ESD), the state agency overseeing/shepherding the entire Atlantic Yards project, which has been renamed Pacific Park Brooklyn.
The builders got so skittish that, on the 9th and 10th floors, drywall sections of the ceilings and walls closest to the windows were omitted from mods, to be installed later, undermining the concept of completing as much as possible in the factory....
Mold was found at various places in the building and, at least according to the 2013-2014 documents acquired via FOIL, queries from STV about more mold—and the possibility of air monitoring—went unanswered by Forest City and Skanska for months. In response to City Limits' inquiry, an ESD spokesperson said: "It is not uncommon for construction sites and building materials to be exposed to moisture while work is ongoing. When the ESD project team notified FCR that our owner's representative had observed evidence of possible mold, FCR took appropriate actions to remedy the situation."
From an 8/15/14 report by consultant STV, with lingering questions about mold