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Street closure creep, signs on trees, construction vehicles on residential streets--the routine violations of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park

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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park is routinely characterized by small lies and violations that--whatever the reason--serve the interest of the developer and partners by diminishing disturbing statistics or untoward impacts. They routinely go unpunished.

Consider the lowball estimate of the upper bound of "affordable" rents, or the planned closure of Sixth Avenue at Dean Street--coming this weekend, likely--for a longer period than initially disclosed.

Here's another example. On Friday, it was disclosed that, because a crawler crane would be disassembled on Vanderbilt Avenue and Dean Street on Monday, Feb.15, from 6 am to 9 pm, two streets would close: Dean Street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, and southbound Vanderbilt Avenue, between Pacific and Bergen streets.

That's not what happened. As noted in the Instagram post below, not only was southbound Vanderbilt closed for another block, up to Atlantic Avenue, Vanderbilt was closed intermittently northbound.

Also, four No Parking signs were stapled to trees, which is illegal.

Though residential Bergen Street, a block below Dean Street, was not supposed to be affected, the photo below shows a construction vehicle using Bergen Street.

As noted, trucks were seen idling for more than the allowable three minutes, a violation that is routine (but might be diminished if witnesses got a bounty, as some Council Members have proposed). See video at bottom.

On two separate visits to Vanderbilt today to observe the street closure and procedure for breaking down and removing the crane, I witnessed numerous problems both with implementation and public notice. 1). During my morning visit trucks were idling for long periods -- much longer than is legally allowed. For video go here: 2). The implementation was different than announced. The signs on Dean and Vanderbilt announced the southbound closure was from Atlantic to Bergen. The public announcement was from Pacific to Bergen. In addition the northbound lane was intermittently closed which wasn't disclosed. This problem occurred last time this operation took place as well. 3). 4 no parking signs were stapled into street trees. This is illegal and merits penalties being implemented since this happens over and over. 4). In the short time I observed this I watched 2 construction vehicles use Bergen Street which they should not do. #nypd78thpct #nyc311 #nycdob #nycdot #empirestatedevelopment #stv #hdr_inc #Greenlandforestcitypartners #pacificparkbk #bciza #nycparks #lovenyc #nycdep
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