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Photos: the B3 and B15 sites suggest dramatic changes coming to Prospect Heights

Resident/activist Wayne Bailey sent me the following photos, which show sites being prepared for development: the B3 site (38 Sixth Avenue) on the southeast corner of the arena block, at the northwest corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue; and the B15 site (664 Pacific Street) across the street, at the northeast corner of Dean and Sixth. The B3 site had a crane installed this weekend.

Both sites go north to essentially Pacific Street, but the street is demapped, of course, at the arena block. The photos suggest a dramatic change in scale with the adjacent residential Prospect Heights neighborhood: B3 will be 219 feet, or about 22 stories, and B15 will be 272 feet, or about 27 stories.

B3 from the south, on Sixth Avenue

The crane for B3, from the north

B3 from the north

B15 from the north