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From the latest Atlantic Yards Construction Alert: steel deliveries for tower, sidewalk bridge rescheduled, sculpture coming to plaza (but no mention of MTV work)

According to the latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated August 19 and distributed yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner, erection of structural steel for the B2 tower has begun and will continue, requiring four to five steel trucks a day.

As noted yesterday, trucks delivering steel were idling improperly on Pacific Street.

Also, a new barrier and fence installation is in process on Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton Avenues along the Vanderbilt Yard.

And a sidewalk bridge at the Dean Street entrance has been rescheduled for late August/early September, after the MTV VMAs event August 25, though no exact date has been provided yet.

There's no other mention of the VMAs, though it was disclosed separately that the railyard lights would be on tonight from 7 pm to as late as midnight to facilitate the delivery of two backup generators (on top of the five already sitting at the B4 site below grade) for the show.

Moreover, as disclosed separately, there will be set construction outside at Sixth Avenue and Dean Street Wednesday through Sunday, with the Friday work until midnight and the Sunday work overnight.

Plaza Sculpture at Barclays

The document states:
• Installation will begin on the commissioned art piece for the plaza during this reporting period. The piece will be installed approximately 50 feet in front of the Geico Box office doors, on the Flatbush side of the plaza. The installation will be done during overnight hours and will require the closure of one lane of traffic on Flatbush Avenue. The sculpture will be placed by a Versalift truck, and bolted in place. Lights and pavers around sculpture base.
In April, I cited a report on Bushwick-based sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard's planned 20-foot-high work sculpture, named "Ona," that was being cast in bronze and could serve as a new meeting point for the arena.

That's a savvy move for Forest City: for less than $1 million, get to add an amenity to the arena, buff its reputation, and gain substantial publicity, helping distract from the delays in delivering benefits such as housing and jobs, or the payment for land.

Who prepares the alert?

It should be noted that this is the second time in the last three Construction Alerts (Aug. 5, July 22), in which Empire State Development has not bothered to reformat the Forest City memo on agency letterhead.

Other excerpts from the document

B2 Tower
• Continuation of construction of and tie in the foundations grade beams at the Arena Exit northwest corner. This activity will be completed in this reporting period.
• Work related to the Interconnection of the Con Edison Vaults, electric and plumbing will continue during this reporting period.
• Con Edison may work within Dean St to install the Tower 2 temporary electrical service. We do not have a specific date from Con Edison when this work is to be done but anticipate it during this reporting period.
• Erection of Structural steel has commenced and will continue during this reporting period. There will be approximately 4 to 5 steel trucks per day when steel is delivered to the site. A separate logistics/site safety plan has been submitted for this work and approved by DOB.
• Erection of the Sidewalk Bridge at the Dean Street entrance has been rescheduled for late August/early September, after the MTV/VMA event on August 25th. The exact date will be provided at a later date.
LIRR Yard Activities Block 1120 & 1121
• Excavation/hauling of soil, installation of lagging, and tieback/soil anchor installation along the south wall of the LIRR yard will be ongoing during this reporting period. Work will continue to progress from east to west on Block 1120 (between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue).
• Work will commence on Pacific street level within the MPT to prepare the piles to accept the new barrier and fence installation. This work will consist of cutting off piles to proper heights and welding steel supports.