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Getting ready for MTV: work on power cabling and more around the Barclays Center

It hasn't been announced in the biweekly Atlantic Yards Construction Alerts, but there's ongoing work around the arena to prepare for the MTV Video Music Awards more than two weeks from now.

The photo at right shows work going on in the below-ground footprint of the B4 tower at the northeast corner of the arena block: power cabling is set up for MTV generators to be below ground, I was told.


The tickets are surely coveted. On StubHub, tickets start at $149 and go way, way up, to two tickets for $4059 and--it could be a typo-- two to four for $350,000.

Other companies on the secondary market have begun issuing press releases about their wares.

On Dean Street

Outside the Dean Street entrance, there's a sign already up--or temporarily up--for those with credentials for the VMAs.

And a change (update August 8)

OK, it looks like the entrance for those with credentials has now moved to Atlantic Avenue.