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Isn't that special: anonymous missive from not-invited MTV thanks locals for being "exceptionally kind hosts" for VMAs

From Atlantic Yards Watch
Isn't that special: MTV yesterday sent a message (below) to various officials and residents in and around Prospect Heights, Brooklyn:
"We'd like to extend our sincere thanks for playing host to MTV in your beautiful neighborhood over the past week. You were exceptionally kind hosts and we are grateful for your gracious hospitality."
As with previous MTV missives regarding the Video Music Awards, the letter was unsigned by a named human being.

Of course, the residents weren't exactly hosts--they didn't invite MTV, but rather had MTV's presence imposed on them, with no public meetings involving MTV and the city's office of broadcast/tv/film.

And MTV somehow didn't acknowledge the reports on Atlantic Yards Watch (excerpted above) about the imposition on the community, including threats from a visitor, a garden trashed, lots of illegal idling/parking, and garbage left behind.

Then again, the Dubai Mini Mart at the corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, according to the Daily News, is hawking a piece of the red carpet on Ebay. (Its business suffered, since most people just wanted the bathroom.)