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As MTV VMAs approach, bike parking at southeast corner of arena block disappears (for now)

The southeast corner of the arena block, at the intersection of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, seems likely to play a major part in the MTV Video Music Awards next Sunday, August 25, likely involving a red carpet, bleachers, and many celebrities.

To that end, arena operators have been busily swapping out the temporary bike parking racks on that surface (which ultimately will be the site of a tower known as B3.

As of [updated] 8 am today, as the photos indicate, there was but one bicycle still there. If it isn't gone as of this writing, I bet it will be soon. And when the VMAs are over, the bike racks should be back.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    also the bike parking is removed next to sugar shack at 6th Ave and Pacific St


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