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Jay-Z on Bill Maher: Obama "owes me," should induct into Rock Hall (+ "Picasso Baby" "performance art film")

So, Jay-Z was on Real Time with Bill Maher the other night, and though the oft-snarky Maher didn't defer completely to Jay-Z, the latter's star power clearly had its effect.

Check out an exchange in the clip below, before Jay-Z joined the panel, that begins about six and a half minutes in.

Maher points out that Jay-Z would be eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in seven years and asks, "Who would you like to induct you?"

"Um, Obama," Jay-Z responds, generating laughs and applause from the studio audience.

"Let's say he's busy," posits Maher.

"He owes me," Jay-Z responds, undaunted. "He owes me a couple."


In an interview, Maher tweaks Jay-Z a bit about the lyrics in his rap songs, and Jay-Z parries calmly.

JAY Z "Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film"

The much-hyped (and much-questioned, and now parodied) music video (aka "performance art film") filmed at an art gallery with A-listers from the art world has finally emerged. It is a document of our time.

Heems (ex-Das Racist) writes on Spin:
Parts of me don't want to like this man and what he's come to stand for as of late — his recent comments on his presence alone being considerable "charity" for the youth come to mind — but his charm is undeniable.
Yup, he's bulletproof.