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Does Prospect Heights really have 'richest' look?

Wouldja believe, according to Saturday's New York Post, that Brooklyn nabe of Prospect Heights has 'richest' look:
Prospect Heights is the Big Apple’s richest-looking neighborhood, according to a new study that asked non-New Yorkers to rate neighborhoods based on Google Street View images.
The brownstone-lined neighborhood ranked No. 1 on a list of “perceived” affluence compiled by MIT researchers.
It topped more than 50 other neighborhoods, including the Upper East Side and Midtown.
...On the flipside, hipster-heavy Greenpoint came in as the poorest-looking neighborhood, followed by fellow Brooklyn neighborhoods East New York and Canarsie, according to the study.
It was not exactly a scientific study--as noted in the chart below, from Fast Company's earlier article, Can You Tell How Dangerous A Neighborhood Is From Just A Picture?, Prospect Heights included exactly eleven images. (The study was done before the Barclays Center arena opened, by the way.)

There are surely eleven Prospect Heights images that look very good--there is a historic district, after all--as well as grittier blocks. But, as even the Post notes, Prospect Heights is hardly the wealthiest, nor most expensive neighborhood in the city.

As a commenter wrote on Fast Company:
Curious about what was shown for Greenpoint. Don't think people would rate it so low if they were looking at photos of the Historic District's tree lined streets, McGolrick Park, Transmitter Park.
Exactly. But tabloids need their headlines.