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Coming to the VMAs pre-show: a fake Brooklyn Bridge and brick wall

The hours are counting down until the MTV Video Music Awards and, as the photos suggest, they're creating a little Brooklyn near the corner of Sixth Avenue and Dean Street, at the southeast corner of the arena block.

The main stage faces almost diagonally to the corner, on a piece land once occupied by Freddy's Bar & Backroom and now destined for a 25-story tower, but which has been used in the interim for bicycle parking.

As the photo directly below shows, thanks to the Twitter account Next2Barclays, they're using a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, which surely will look bigger on TV. (The account also posted the third photo.)

As the second and fourth photos below the second subheading show, they're creating a faux brick wall.

The dress rehearsal for the red carpet pre-show, with at least 700 extras but no stars, is 8-9 pm tonight. The real thing is tomorrow night, with the show inside the arena from 9-11 pm.

A 360-degree look at the corner surroundings--with housing directly south and east--is here.

From this morning: the red carpet emerges

From last night and yesterday