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Big development coming in Greenpoint; New Domino hits hiccup?

GIF via Greenpointers
There are still plans for megadevelopment in Brooklyn

Greenpointers points us to a public hearing--the first phase of ULURP--Tuesday, August 13 on the 22-acre, 10-tower development known as Greenpoint Landing, much of which has already been approved.

Atlantic Yards, you might remember, is 16 towers plus an arena over 22 acres, though a heck of a lot closer to subway and bus transit.

But the overall effect of such megadevelopment is to make any other look more normal, at least to those who aren't neighbors.

New Domino

Brian Paul, a researcher behind The Domino Effect movie, writes on the film's blog, that Two Trees, the new developer behind that revised New Domino megaproject, no longer seems to be aiming for an Augusut 20 ULURP kickoff, though the developer filed a demolition permit to start some of that work.

He writes:
Opponents of Two Trees’ plan have been closely monitoring the project status and recently shared a “Technical Memorandum” that was filed by Two Trees last February and acquired from the City Planning Commission through a Freedom of Information Act request. The developer is apparently attempting to speed up the regulatory process by arguing against the need to issue a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that would typically be required by the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) laws.
Two Trees is claiming that their new version of the Domino project, one that proposes to add over half a million square feet of commercial space and nearly double the height of the towers to sixty stories while slightly reducing residential square footage, is “close enough” to the Community Preservation Corporation’s original 2010 “New Domino” proposal that an updated environmental review is not needed.
 He wonders if the City Planning Commission is balking at the request, given that there would be a large difference in daily commuters.

He also notes that the memo "makes it crystal clear that Two Trees has no intention of building 30% affordable housing at Domino as was promised over and over again by the Community Preservation Corporation during the 2010 rezoning," though, it should be noted, was not memorialized.

And around Downtown

In The lowdown on the Downtown construction boom, the Brooklyn Paper noted:
  • the coming  "two-story mini-mall planned for the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Boerum Place," to include Pier 1, named Atlantic Galleria.
  • the planned Phase two of City Point, "on a lot touching Fleet Street, Flatbush Avenue, and Albee Square," ultimately to include 19- and 30-story residential towers, though a once-depicted 65-story high-rise "was 'really totally imaginary,' according to an Albee Development spokesman"
  • the replacement for the New York City College of Technology's Klitgord Building at Jay and Tillary streets will be eight stories at 149 feet, rather than the once-depicted Forest City Ratner tower stretching at least 700 feet