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SLA Chairman: problem of leaking bass from music venues "slips between the cracks" when it comes to regulation

Residents living near the Barclays Center are not the only ones to complain about leaking noise from musical, though the scale--an arena, as opposed to a nightclub--is unusual.

Yesterday, at State Liquor Authority (SLA) hearing that included a thumbs-down for Kemistry, the agency heard many other issues, including complaints about a loud bar on Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side.

"Is it problems with the bass?" asked SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen sympathetically. "I think that's one of the things that slips between the cracks on these [noise] codes." Of course, that's the main responsibility of the city Department of Environmental Protection.

A bit later Rosen brought up the issue: "Let's say I'm on the second floor [above the club], and my apartment vibrates from the bass. That would be awful."

Well, the residents near the arena aren't right above the Barclays Center "club"--not, at least, until the first tower is built--but they still feel vibrations from bass-heavy shows. And there's been but one fine, a mere $3200.