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At Brooklyn Real Estate Summit, statement that "we're very proud of" Barclays Center noise fine provokes titters

At the 5/9/13 Brooklyn Real Estate Summit at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM's Katie Dixon (at 26:46 of this video) said it had sometimes been hard to locate BAM: "Now, we say, we're very near the Barclays Center, everyone knows the location. That's really transformative."

"Well, I like to say it's the only place the Atlantic and the Pacific meet, at Flatbush Avenue," followed up broker Chris Havens, the host of the panel.

Havens, who has an edgy sense of humor, continued archly: "Also, we had a very important milestone. The arena got a $3200 noise violation fine, that you saw on the news. That was for the Rihanna concert. So we're very proud that that happened, and hopefully that will happen again."

The audience tittered.

(Actually, the fine was for Swedish House Mafia, not Rihanna, though there were noise complaints regarding that concert, which was just a few days before the real estate summit. The city has not successfully levied any more fines, nor has the arena operator explained its plan to lower the noise, though efforts to improve have been claimed.)

"I have a close friend who can see [the arena] out of her window, on Bergen Street," Havens added, with a bit of triumphalism. "Her friend said, 'Just give in, Susan, become a Nets fan... You can see the apparel is everywhere. One of the top tech guys in DUMBO said he was in Cologne in the winter, and he saw a Nets hat in a bar in Cologne, Germany."