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"Brooklyn's not for sale," then (Atlantic Yards protesters) and now (Carpenters Union)

It's notable how the chant "Brooklyn's not for sale" can be appropriated for multiple purposes.

It was used frequently during the Atlantic Yards battle, including at the March 2010 protest over the arena groundbreaking.

The unions come around?

By contrast, most unions preferred the phrase "Build It Now" and rallied vigorously for the project, as in June 2008.

Now, as it turns out, the Carpenters Union is protesting the compensation (and representation) of conversion workers at the Barclays Center with a persistent inflatable rat (and video).

And they're fighting the general trend toward nonunion work in Brooklyn, as at the 5/9/13 Brooklyn Real Estate Summit at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The phrase? "Brooklyn's not for sale."

Inside, broker Chris Havens, hosting one panel (at 7:20), offered a joke: "Local's 79's outside. And I like to say, If you're not getting picketed, you're not doing a big enough job."