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After demise of Kemistry, operators plan a club for teenagers with arcade games and "latest electronics"

The (revised?) team behind the controversial lounge/nightclub Kemistry proposed for 260 Flatbush Avenue near Park Place, which was yesterday denied a liquor license by the State Liquor Authority, now plans to organize a social club for teenagers, with arcade games and electronic devices.

Given the reported high rent at the space, whatever goes in there must be calculated to reap significant revenues. Perhaps the denial of the license, as well as the departure of partner Leonard Bartletto from the liquor license process, caused a re-think regarding whether a liquor license would be viable.

A message from Kemistry: new plans

Below is the unsigned message I was sent early this morning from an account previously used by project manager Damali L'Elie to send me a message about Kemistry:
Kemistry restaurant lounge is sadden by the decision of the community. We had all intention in complying with the matters at hand. Kemistry restaurant Lounge hired a sound professional, who did a whole acoustic test to make sure we didn't violate any noise codes due to sound which would put caps the max level sound go turn up to. Which was very costly. Kemistry Restaurant Lounge also are working with Precision Security Agency who are known to be the most professional and train security company in NYC who also submitted a full in detailed security plan for the lounge. Kemistry Restaurant Lounge also agreed to close at decent hours that would be beneficial to both. Sun: 10am-12pm. Mon: 4pm-12am Tues: 4pm-2am. Weds: 4pm-3am. Thurs: 4pm-3am. Fri: 4pm-3:30am. Sat: 12pm-3:30am. With these times we are open our doors later than most restaurants in the area also closing our doors before most.
We still plan on being good tenants as we move forward these next years to come and in giving it great thought we will revised our plans into a social club for teenagers. Fully equip with the latest electronics , Arcades and Social Media devices. Sounds and lasers from the future. We will operate 7 days a week and cater to a 13-19 year old crowd. We would like to sit down with the board to discuss reasonable hours of operation and come to an agreement on operations. therefore hopefully in time when we revisit the SLA the community will not denied us and see us as responsible neighbors
Note that the decision yesterday was by the SLA, not the community.

Any role for review?

No SLA approval is needed for a social club for teenagers, but rather if/when the establishment seeks a liquor license for adults.

I'm not sure whether any presentation to Community Board 6 is required. CB 6 District Manager Craig

Hammerman, responding to my query, wrote:
The only element that I can think of which might involve a public review component is the way the zoning applies to the lot itself. There is a small, triangular piece of the footprint on the Prospect Place side which is exclusively zoned as Residential. I suppose there's a chance that what they are proposing may require a special permit or variance, but that's a determination that would have to be made by the Department of Buildings.

It's unclear whether Bartletto, who was arrested in March on charges of selling pot, would be involved.